Judaic Concepts in Milk & Honey Books

Judaic Concepts in Milk & Honey Books

Jonathan and the Waves

  1. How do people have a personal relationship with G-d?
  2. Who in the Bible talked directly with G-d?
  3. What might you want to tell G-d if you and G-d could have a conversation?
  4. For more advanced Jewish students– What are some of the Hebrew words for different aspects of G-d?

A New Boy

  1. What is the Jewish way of responding to people who are strangers, like newcomers or people who feel left out? Discuss the concept of reaching out and helping the ger (rhymes with care) someone who is a stranger.
  2. When are times that you act in a way that is in keeping with the concept of hesed, kindness, as opposed to saying or doing things that are mean (e.g., calling someone a name)?

Lon Lon’s Big Night

  1. Hesed, helping people, is an important Jewish value. How did Lon Lon’s firiends help him? How have you helped your friends?
  2. Honor your parents is another Jewish value. How does Lon Lon honor his parents?
  3. Tikun olam is the principle of healing the world. It is the basis for paying attention to the needs of our earth, including endangered species. Sand foxes are an endangered species in Israel and in the world. This can be an interesting opening for discussion about ecology and extinction of animals around the world. Why is it important to talk about them or read stories about them? What can we do to help them?